About DuRant Insurance, Inc in Bonifay, FL

DuRant Insurance, Inc. first opened its doors in 1974. Since then, we have helped countless clients in our community find the perfect insurance plans that meet their needs.

You will find DuRant Insurance Inc. is not like other insurance companies, which can be large and impersonal. Being family owned and independently operated, we will treat you like family and are happy to give you the individual attention that you need. With 44 years of experience, we will find the best insurance coverage for you, your family, your home, and your business.

Our owner sums it up the best:

“We are family owned and operated and cherish the relationships that we make with our clients!”
-J.D. DuRant

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Dennis DuRant

Dennis graduated from the University of West FL with a degree in Psychology. He then found an interest in insurance and opened DuRant Insurance, Inc. in 1974. Today he works mainly in our Commercial lines department and is very involved in the day to day management of the agency. Outside of the office he enjoys playing golf, spending time with his grandson and fishing.
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Meredith DuRant McGowan

Meredith is a second generation insurance agent. She came to work at our agency in 2007 after completing her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from The Florida State University. Meredith works in personal and commercial lines as well and helping clients secure life insurance. She enjoys playing outside with her son and making crafts.
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Michelle Owens

Michelle has been a resident of Holmes County for 29 years. She has 30 years experience working in customer service and has been with our agency for 4 years as a licensed CSR specializing in personal lines. She is an avid equestrianist and endurance rider and she and her husband own a small farm where they breed Blue Tick Coon Hounds.
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Ellen Faircloth

Ellen is a licensed agent with over 38 years of experience in the insurance field and is the head of our Commercial lines department. She is a native of Bonifay FL and loves to spend time with her family which includes her husband, 3 children, and 8 grandchildren. Ellen is an active member of Pleasant Grove Baptist Church where she attends with her family. She enjoys meeting people and is genuinely concerned with helping others in any way she can.
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Verna Roberts

Verna has been with our agency since 2008. She previously worked in the legal field for many years and with her experience working with clients and numbers, she does a wonderful job as our bookkeeper. Verna enjoys assisting with children at Bonifay First United Methodist Church and spending time with her three dogs.
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About Us

Based in Bonifay, Florida, DuRant Insurance, Inc. is a family owned and operated independent agency. We will find the best coverage for the best price to meet our clients needs.

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